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What We Do: Aida & Co. specializes in designing and sourcing all types of interior products for the hospitality industry. Input from the hotel’s designers, owners, and/or purchasing agency is used to develop items to fit each property on a case-by-case basis. We can source Furniture as well as OS&E. Since we work directly with the factories both overseas as well as domestically, the products are tailored for the clients’ requirements in both design and budget.

Who We Are: Aida & Allan Flamm previously ran a large company designing, importing & wholesaling decorative accessories & accent furniture to the retail and interior design trade. In 2006, a number of our design customers were specifying our products for some hospitality properties. After some discussion, we decided that our expertise could better provide a win-win situation for these design customers and others like them. It merits mentioning that most factories producing our goods are located in India, Brazil and Vietnam as well as some in the USA. These makers are more quality-driven than quantity-driven and allow us to produce exclusive designs for properties of approximately 50 rooms and up.

How We Do It: Our experience over the past two decades in creating four separate lifestyle looks that encompass everything from Classic American, Vintage, Equestrian, Contemporary European, Young American and English Manor, has allowed us to create and source all types of decorative accessories and accent furniture. We have worked directly with dozens of factories making items in leather, metal, glass, wood, fabrics as well as combinations of these materials.

Every project is handled personally to give your hospitality project the ultimate in price, quality, and design.

Why it Works for You: You can provide concepts or products to be developed for you. Quantities need not be large. Generally, our factories will produce as few as several dozen of a product although they can produce in large quantities as well. Minimum quantity  depends on the item. These relationships allow you make the products in your rooms and suites exclusive to your hotel yet not cost you any more than normal “market goods”. In fact, you will likely get a better, exclusive product at less money because we work directly with the factories. Generally, our quotes include delivery of the goods to your warehouse or property.


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